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We offer comprehensive driver education and training courses that are designed to produce confident and courteous drivers who are dedicated to safety and following the rules of the road.

We get phone calls from driving students who have passed their road test, but still didn't feel comfortable to drive on their on.  Ther're many reasons for that, you can pass the road test, but it doesn't mean that you are ready to drive by yourself without anyone instructing you on your mistakes.  There two aspects to learning how to drive, the practical part and the studying part.  The studying one, is you taking out the time to learn every defensive skill there are to learn about safety driving.  Learning how to drive safe takes an effort in your part, you must learn and put into practice the defensive driving skills you will learn.  The practical part is you just getting behind the wheel and driving as much as you need to, with someone pointing out your mistakes.

A few times I have received phone calls from previous students who began driving to soon on their on and they were involve in a auto accident.  When you are starting to drive on your on, you should not begin driving on heavy traffic right of way, begin slowly driving into light traffic and work your way into moderate heavy traffic, and eventually into full heavy traffic.  Passing the road test for some people can be a false sense of being ready to drive among live heavy traffic.  Just as when you graduate from college and you get your degree on medicine, you don't go and perform your first surgery until months after you have graduated.  Is the same similarity with some people who pass the road test and still need more training before they can go and drive among other experience drivers.  We have plenty of students who continue to take driving lessons even after they pass the road exam, so don't feel embarrass or self-conscious; if that's the case with you.  Trust me when I tell you I can teach how to drive defensively and how to stay alive out there on these roads, YES, "Alive". Driving should never be taken lightly, driving is very serious in general, but specially driving in New York City.

We are here to serve you and we offer a great variety of services designed to ensure your total convenience while you are learning your new skills.

I'm currently have a student who is taking lessons on how to enter and exit her parking lot in CO-OP city, there is another student who is taking lessons on her own vehicle just to drive to her local supermarket. If you don't feel comfortable driving your vehicle, Although risky, because you don't have a dual break in your car, we are now offering lessons in your on vehicle.  We can drive with you on your vehicle until you feel comfortable driving.

If you don't feel ready yet to drive on your on, don't risk it.  Is not worth it.  Always remember that your auto insurance will increase even if you are not at fault of the accident.

Call now and schedule the lessons on your vehicle, there is NO additional price for the lessons!

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